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Finding the Homeowners Coverage

That?s Right for You

Finding the right homeowners insurance is one of the most important decisions you?ll make. Unfortunately, many families are not adequately covered and, in the event of a loss, they may face financial hardships or legal consequences.

Property Coverage for Your Home?

The Residence Dwelling portion of your homeowners insurance provides valuable protection for your home and any attached and/or additional structures on your premise. In fact, unless a loss is specifically excluded from the homeowners policy, coverage is provided on additional structures on your premises. This protection equals 10% of your dwelling coverage. (Exclusions do apply. The actual policy provides a complete list of exclusions.)

With the HO-3 policy, losses to your home are paid on a replacement-cost basis, minus your deductible. It is important for you to insure your home at its replacement value so you do not incur financial consequences for being underinsured.

Another benefit of this policy is its Loss of Use coverage. This coverage protects you should you be forced to move out of your home temporarily because of damage from a covered loss. Loss of Use protection equals 20% of your dwelling coverage.

Personal Property Protection

Your personal belongings are also protected under the HO-3 homeowners policy. The policy provides coverage for damage caused by the most common types of losses, such as fire, lightning, theft, windstorm and smoke, among others. This protection equals 50% to 75% of your dwelling coverage, but it can be increased if needed. Special limits of liability apply on some personal property items.

Losses for personal belongings are paid on an actual cash value basis, minus your deductible. Our representing companies offer replacement cost coverage on your personal property for an additional premium.

Please note: This information is for summary purposes only and contains a general outline of coverage provided in the HO-3 policy, as well as optional coverage available. This is not a contract or a policy of any kind. Complete and detailed descriptions of homeowners policy coverage and exclusions are contained only in the policy itself. Information is subject to change without notice.

Liability Coverage’s

Personal liability. This coverage is designed to protect you against claims or legal action that result from bodily injury or property damage to others. For this coverage to apply, the bodily injury or property damage must be caused by an incident covered under the HO-3 policy. Legal defense coverage is provided with this policy, even if a suit is false or fraudulent.

Medical Payments to Others.?This coverage is designed to help pay for medical expenses for persons other than residents of the household. This coverage applies, regardless of legal liability, when an insured’s personal activities cause bodily injury; an accident on your covered property results in bodily injury; or a pet that you own causes bodily injury.

Options for Your Policy

Increased Limits.?Our representing companies offer?you the option of purchasing higher limits of coverage on Other Structures, Personal Property, Loss of Use and Personal Liability.

Scheduled Personal Property.?Our representing companies offer increased limits and broader coverage on certain personal property, for an additional premium. You can schedule such items as jewelry, furs, firearms, silverware and portable phone.

Boats.?We offer optional coverage for your boat, including coverage for motors, trailers and boat equipment. Watercraft liability coverage is also available.

Replacement Cost Coverage.?For an additional premium, our representing companies offer full replacement cost coverage on your personal property. Without this additional coverage, losses on personal property are paid on an actual cash value basis, minus your deductible.

Additional options are available.

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